On my radar was the challenge of creating a female character, one who sets out on an adventure of entrepreneurship and innovation, but at the same time she had to be sufficiently attractive to be the joint of a possible love triangle. A ménage à trois between Madame Curie, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein? Unlikely and… it is complicated. What if…? And what if she is the couple of another woman and together they do Leonardo Da Vinci? A Renaissance chick on chick action?…Innovating? Buffff.

At that moment the Adventure Network programme (HTML) was starting, supported by the Texan serial entrepreneur Randy Goldsmith (HTML). This programme goes, in a itinerative way, over competencies in three areas: technology, marketing and the new business models, like the three pillars of an entrepreneurial project. Three pillars, ménage à trois… What if each of the characers symbolized one of these pillars? Hummm… that could make sense. It could work. Each character would contribute their perspective on one of these pillars: technology, marketing and business. Besides, that provides us three possible age profiles, with their focus on the future, the past and their crossing in the present. This fits together conceptually.

And if one has to be female, with an intuitive and holistic approach, with sensitivity towards certain human needs, with empathy, communication skills, it doesn’t seem forced that she plays the role of marketing. Furthermore, marketing begins with ‘mar’ (Spanish word for sea) like Marta, María, Marina, Maribel, Marisol, Maria José, Mari Puri… Too unnatural?

That night I read the story of Diana Nyad on Facebook. She was trying to cross the Strait of Florida, from La Habana (Cuba) to Key West swimming 110 miles (180 kilometres), without stopping and without protection against sharks. At that moment Diana Nyad was 64 years old. It was her fifth attempt. All the previous attempts from the first one in 1978, when she was 28 years old, failed. (Link a Wikipedia y a su página)

I followed the advances of her 53 hours journey on the online streaming. When she left the water in Key West on September the 2nd, wobbling and being irritated by jellyfish, after swimming 180 kilometres from Cuba, Diana Nyad said three things: “It always takes a team”, “It is never to late to reach your dreams” and “Never, ever give up”. Three very powerful messages for anyone going on an adventure.

Three messages for an adventurer, for an innovator…for Diana! I felt that I hit the ‘diana’ which is the Spanish word for hitting the nail on the head. Diana, the name of a goddess, the goddess of the hunt and the nature, Diana the hunter, an international name, full of symbolism and energy. My female character already had an identity. The identity of an heroine of 21st century, capable of giving a lesson of perseverance, of persistence, of effort and of fitness. The name of a goddess for an innovating entrepreneur. Yes, I hit the target, I had my Diana.