The adventure of Diana begins in Comfortalia, which is described in detail in the novel. The chart and the map also portray it thoroughly. Where is Comfortalia?

It’s here and there. Everywhere and nowhere. Comfortalia is an imaginary place and is, as its name says, our comfort zone. The place where we live, work, produce…between wellknown and accepted paradigms.

A coast protected by the Culture Mountains and the Peaks of Behaviours, Values, Attitudes and Beliefs. A place where business schools built fish farms, which make it more secure and efficient to supply the daily needs of fish. In the Resource Bay, the stores get all the human resources, comercial and legal support they need…

A fertile land, irrigated by the Tradition River, in whose banks they built industrial zones of prosperous business models. Does this sound familiar to you?

I’m sure it does. It has schools, universities, beaches, shopping centers, very prosperous zones with a financial downtown – (Tax) Haven Point, in the North of the Abundance Gulf, where lately there are more and more scoundrels – with marinas and golf courses. There are also more ‘normal’ zones, they are more humble, with a reasonable unemployment rate, and stores that open. If they do it right, they prosper, and others which don’t, are transferred and closed. The same as anywhere else.

It isn’t Mordor, nor Pandora, nor Hogwarts, nor Invernalia, nor the Shire, some of the imaginary lands everyone recognizes. Comfortalia turns out to be strangely near and familiar. In fact it is so because it is here, everyone lives in Comfortalia. It is our comfort zone where we get on. Diana has to leave it to start her adventure in innovation and entrepreneurship. According to its orography, it could be the Coast of Galicia, Asturias or Euzkadi. It could also be the Brave Coast, or Mallorca, or Scottland or the Boston Bay. In order to understand ‘The Adventure…’ you have to get into Comfortalia. You’ll see that it will sound familiar to you, although you have never been there.

What we have learned:

  • Comfortalia is and represents our comfort zone.
  • We all live and work in our comfort zone. To innovate we have to leave it. It is a challenge and defiance. Next to the comfort zone is the learning zone. When we control it, it is added to our comfort zone. This way it expands.
  • What you know how to do, your beliefs, your values,your attitudes, how you think…these are all attributes of comfort. You expand the territorial waters of your own Comfortalia, adding new costums, new routinees, getting to know new people, travelling to other places and assuming little risks. A good beginning to start innovating.

Conspitorial key for the reader of this book.

Comfortalia may be – and is – in any coast with the mouth of an river and some small hills.

There is only one reference, a small licence I took, in the description of a monument through which you may identify the possible location. This monument, which also appears on the top border of the nautical chart, shows two fighting colossuses, one trying to crush the other with an enormous rock. The defeated one has a crown, a trident and a long beard. This is a clear allegory of Poseidon, Neptune, the God of the sea. It is a monumental allegory of the eternal confrontation, and in this case of the victory, between the man and the sea. It is a real monument. Do you dare to discover which it is and where it is? The first one to guess it correctly has a prize.