Nacho Villoch, @CaptainCook is one of those persons native of Bilbao who was born where he wanted. He has been sailing the Waters of Innovation – in the Blue Ocean – for the last decade, and mapping routes to uncharted territories.

He lived and worked in 4 continents and is an all-purpose communicator. Nacho Villoch is very active creating contents for his blogs, tweets, videos and presentations about the communication of innovation, and its opposite, the innovation in communication, which you can now find in the form of a business novel and its digital expanse to Internet and the social networks.

Nacho has connected in “Diana’s Adventure” his experience, and most of all his pasion for the sea, the navigation, the naval design, the nautical histories, the oceanic expeditions and the cartography. These are topics he has cultivated by being captain of a yacht, scuba diver and kayak builder. He combines this with the vocation of the divulgation of innovation and communication. So he achieves a metaphorical cocktail of intertwined knowledge with characters, geographies, social media, infographics, storytelling and creativity tools.

Find more photos at Flickr Nacho Villoch presenting the TEDxPlazaSantaBarbara