Some people with whom I shared my idea, the map and the nautical chart have had a singular relevance in this project.

It has always attracted my attention that, when you focus on and get obsessed with a project, it seems that suddenly the planets align; and all the people you know – well, a lot of them-, and the new ideas start to fit together in a big puzzle, and everything makes sense. The same happens when a woman is pregnant, and suddenly you see other pregnant women, ante-natal classes, buggies, breastfeeding notions… all around you. Where has all this been before? It has to do with how we perceive, and what’s more, how we filter, label and classify information. It seems that, in this case, my whole reticulated system was oriented to capture information and contacts connected with innovation and entrepreneurship in a metaphorical marine way.

And it was from that obsessive perspective, that I met Silvia Leal, Innovation profesor in the Business School IE. At that moment she was writing her book ‘Ingenio y Pasión’ (Ingenuity and Passion), which shows a complete and methodical research about variables which condition the establishment of the innovation, and how it starts with the people. She told me about her book…in return I showed her my Prezi. The sparkles in her eyes betrayed and gave away her academic analytical view. (Foto de su libro)

“How long did it take you to create this?” She spent months writing her thesis and researching for her book. My answer was spontaneous and impulsive. But 100% sincere.

30 years and an afternoon.

30 years of nautical readings, of navigation, of cartography, of passion for the sea, of following the traces of Captain Cook, first through his diaries and then through half a dozen biographies. Then I followed his traces through Australia, Tahiti, London, the Kingdom of Tonga, Alaska, and fat last through Hawaii, where he died because of an unfortunate misunderstanding with the Native. 30 years of studying and applying the creative processes of conception, of mental mapping, of visualization which then turns into innovation. The last years were dedicated to be in contact with a lot of innovators and entrepreneurs – networking. They were also dedicated to communication of the innovation and the innovation in the communication.

And an afternoon – a night to be more precise – to reflect, to conceptualize and to draw it (And to digitalize it and create the Prezi presentation).

Clues for a better understanding of ‘The adventure of Diana’:

Do you know why Diana’s friend is called Silvia? In the book, I mention at least twice her ingenuity and passion.

Silvia Leal invited me to her book presentation in the Business School a few months later. An honour and privilege I couldn’t resist.